Why We Jump


Here’s why…

Chinidere Mountain with Mt Hood in the background

Chinidere Mountain with Mt Hood in the background

Why we Jump 

Wondering what’s behind the jump?  I thought I would take a moment and explain why I do this on all our trips. The idea really is very simple. 

There are a lot of outdoor photographers out there and they are all doing the same thing.  They add a person into the photograph for a couple reasons.  One reason is because you can add color to a photograph and break things up.  If Natalie (my wife) was wearing black she would just blend in with the surrounding landscape.  But the blue pants help you find her in the photo and makes her the focal point.  Another reason photographers add people to their image is a scale reference for the viewers.  Remember Shaq? He seemed pretty average against his teammates, right?! But when you put him next to a fan, he seems huge.  Without that scale reference it would be hard to tell just how tall he is. 

Although I like adding a person to the image, they all seem to have their back turned or looking very subdued.  I figure if you are outdoors in mother nature you are probably having a good time and would naturally have a smile on your face.  So, I decided the concept of adding a person to the photo needed an update.  I added what I call the “Toyota Jump” to my photos.  Back in the 90’s Toyota produced commercials with people jumping for joy over their new purchase.  I took this idea and added it to my work. 

I have added this to my wedding photography and every is a little apprehensive at first and then they totally love doing it and seeing the results.  It has become my signature move.