About Me

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Since the age of 13, Rick Brown has been interested in photography. After spending a summer in Denali National Park, Rick hasn't stopped shooting the great outdoors from Canada, Washington State, Oregon to Utah.

As he grew older, he found his passion and refocused on adrenaline sports. From climbing to cycling and paddling to whitewater kayaking, Rick has shot it all. As a volunteer firefighter he has even captured the danger and beauty of structure fires to wildfires and the hard working, dedicated firefighters that extinguish the flames. 

Rick has shot many weddings over the years.  He plans ahead of the big event by scouting out the location and creating a plan.  His biggest concern is that you have the most memorable day possible and that you don't lift a finger.  

His style is to have fun and be creative.  Rick wants your photos to represent yourself and not a posed image.  He wants your friends to look at the photographs and say "that is so you".

BlackFire Photography has been shooting adrenaline sports and falling in love since 2007. 


"Blackfire" is a firefighting term that describes a situation where heavy, dense, black smoke is being emitted by a fire.  This smoke will be of a high velocity, turbulent, high volume and extremely dense.  It will also be very hot.  For all practical purposes this is a dense, super-heated cloud of fuel that is too rich to ignite.  It can be a sign of eminent flash-over.

I wanted a unique micro brew kind of name for my business and not just R. Brown Photography. Sounded too simple and general.